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Therapeutic Arts provision

Bespoke workshops & one-to-one sessions.

We design and deliver therapeutic arts programmes for groups of all ages, and one to one sessions for children and young people in Jersey. 

Group Programmes

For adults and children

Working solely in partnership with Jersey charities and schools, Kairos Arts run bespoke therapeutic arts programmes for groups of adults and children who are facing life’s challenges. 

Offering a safe, supportive environment, dedicated to their journey towards healing and personal empowerment, a programme offers one workshop a week, which lasts 2-3 hours, for a six-week period. 

Each programme is facilitated by a minimum of two Kairos Arts Practitioners. 

We have a great team of experienced practitioners, and we ensure that each of our workshops are bespoke and person centered. Drawing inspiration from Carl Roger’s person-centered approach, our sessions are uniquely designed for the group and individuals attending, to facilitate their therapeutic creative journey.

Each workshop is fully evaluated to ensure that the highest professional standards are adhered to.

Programmes run at no cost to charities.

CONTACT US for more information about how a group programme could work for your organisation.


One-to-One Interventions

For children and young people (CYP)

Working with referrals from schools and charities, KA work with children and young people for one-to-one interventions. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each child, these sessions support emotional well being by creating a safe space to express feelings, develop self awareness and process trauma.

Each of these sessions last up to 1 hour per week for a term, or longer if appropriate.

Interventions are carefully structured by Therapeutic Arts Practitioners (TAPS)  work is overseen and supervised by Art Therapists registered with the British Associations of Art Therapists.

Kairos Arts accepts referrals for children and young people experiencing mild to moderate mental health and emotional difficulties, categorised as Tier 1 and Tier 2 and cases requiring step up or step down from CAMHS.

One-to-one interventions run at no cost to schools.

CONTACT US  for more information about one-to-one interventions.

There has been fewer emotional outbursts in class (and) they are showing significant improvement in regulating their emotions since working with Kairos.

Well-being Sessions

For Organisations and Charities

Are you an organisation committed to employee health and wellness?

Kairos Arts offers bespoke sessions for organisations and charities looking to enhance the mental health and emotional well-being of their teams. The sessions provide participants with a unique opportunity to engage in creative activities that can reduce stress, enhance emotional resilience, create a deeper connection with their inner selves and build community.

Therapeutic Arts can provide a meaningful and innovative way to nurture a positive culture in your organisation.

Please email us at for more information.

Faith-based retreats

Kairos Arts run faith-based retreats for those seeking space to reflect and explore their faith through a creative lens. 

Whether you are seeking to deepen your faith or simply find a moment of peace, our bespoke retreats are open to all ages, all genders and all stages of faith.

Typically lasting for three hours, retreats are often requested by local church groups.

Please email us at for more information.

International Work

As Kairos Arts’ roots are in international work, the team continue to run workshops to support staff and those affected by exploitation and trafficking in Bolivia and India.
We aim for one overseas trip a year which we organise in partnership with international NGO staff, and fundraise for separately.

Read our stories to see how our international work is making a difference.

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