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Every Action Counts

We believe in the power of community and the difference every individual makes. Your support and involvement is invaluable.



If you'd like to donate to us, please visit our Paypal page or scan the QR code below

If you live in Jersey and pay income tax, you can give money to registered charities using the ‘Jersey Gift Support’ scheme. The charity will receive an extra 25 pence for every £1 donated. 

If you make a lump sum donation of £50 of more, or commit to regular donations that amount to £50 or more per year, the charity can claim the tax back. 


Join our Community

Could you spare some time to make a difference?

Whether it’s helping out at a fundraising event, sharing your skills or raising awareness, Kairos Arts is always eager to welcome new volunteers.

Please send us an email - - we’d love to chat to you about how you can be part of our community’s growth.


Sponsored Challenges

Why not dive into the world of fundraising and make a difference to Kairos Arts.

You could plan a sweets or cake sale, run a race or just climb lots and lots of stairs! From quirky ideas to epic challenges, we are always open to fundraising support and can provide a sponsorship pack with all that you need.

If fundraising is your idea of fun then please do contact to find out more.

Join our Prayer Network

Email to be added to the database of those whose practice is to pray for our work and receive updates.

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